What He Teaches

He is associated with Nahata Professional Academy, Indore since 2006 and teaching subjects like:

  • Economics to CA CPT & CS Foundation students in India ( they are the entrance exams equivalent to Foundation exams)
  • Communication and Ethics & Strategic Management to CA-Intermediate Students
  • Accounting standards to CA Intermediate Students
How he does it
  • Delivering theory subjects in a practical and experimental way to students.
  • Capabilities to connect the present scenarios with the subject and bring in practical insights.
  • Using techniques of live case studies, animated movies and role playing games and unique Do it yourself (DIY) techniques to theory subjects to make them more interesting, challenging and easy to learn.
His work so far
  • Has developed mobile apps for students on economics to practice the content and questions with > 10000 downloads  Play Store link
  • Has published books for student's on following subjects :
    • Economics for CA Entrance
    • Strategic Management
    • Business Communication
    • Business Ethics
  • All the books have been published with 6th revised editions and each edition with a print run of 2000 books which has been consumed in full.
  • Contributor as a faculty on E-Learning portal of ICAI for Strategic Management & Business Ethics.
  • Invited for Webcast on ICAI TV for ‘How to Prepare for Strategic Management’.
  • A special invitee to the committee of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for Accounting standard for Local Bodies, since 2011.
  • Participant at Strategic Management Forum Conducted by Indian Institute of Management, Indore.
  • Delivered lectures at various National Conferences & CA Student Seminars across nations.
  • Presented a case study before launch of Tata Nano which was published by a leading National Daily.

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